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Reason to Start or Continue Dancing

These aren’t just my reasons; they’re reasons given to by the many different people that responded to an e-mail I sent out. Some people responded with reasons to start dancing and/or reasons to continue dancing. Some responded with the general reasons to dance. So, I’ve got three categories listed below. And, other than the obvious


“Igettotouchsomeoneoftheoppositesex” reason; or, “vertical/horizontal” comparisons. These are their genuine responses to my genuine e-mail.

Reasons To Start Dancing

I started to dance just looking for something to do.

When we were in California we did some work with a charity for MS. The charity was called Dance Because You Can; that is pretty powerful. I started because my new girlfriend and now wife already danced.

There is nothing sexier or more sensual than dancing well with your partner.

I started to dance to meet ladies.

I started to dance because it allowed me to get out and dance with people in the dance community. It is a great way to meet and keep new friends. It is great exercise as well.

Reasons To Continue Dancing

I stayed because the more I learned, the more my personality began to change into what it was before marriage and kids. I became a whole new me.

I kept going because she encouraged me to hold on to a strange woman for 3 minutes in the dark and was happy when I did.

You can travel to comps, and see places you have never seen before.

Meet wonderful, interesting people. Make lasting friendships.

I continue to dance because: I discovered that I like dancing a lot, I get great exercise, I get to meet new people, it allows me to network professionally, and it generates a lot of discussion with people you've met for the first time.

My reason to dance is that it keeps me alive. It is good not only for my physical health but also for my mental health.

Relieves stress.

Keeps the mind healthy and also functioning.

I continue to dance and take classes to enhance my dance and to learn. There is always something you can learn new and exciting.

Reasons To Dance In General

Exercise, meet friends, hobby, learn a skill, impress someone.

It's a healthy, fun form of exercise.

Gotta dance because life is otherwise so grim. Grasshopper/Ant sort of thing.


It's simple: it's good exercise; gets us out of the house; away from the TV; far removed from the kitchen; and into each other's arms ( for something other than the obvious). Also, to be quite honest, dancing often makes us appreciate how lucky we are to have each other.