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Special Occasions

There are many reasons for learning to dance.  One of the most popular motivations for learning to dance is to prepare for Special Occasions.  There are, of course, many special occasions; three of the most popular incentives are Weddings/Anniversaries, Galas/Corporate Events, and Holidays.  It’s always important to give yourself plenty of time, though.


Of ALL the Special Occasions, weddings and anniversaries are the most important (in my opinion).  A couple often fondly reminisces about this day.  The dance – the wedding (anniversary) dance – should NOT be overlooked while planning.  Since rule # 3 of dance is to be cool, the couple should, well, um, look cool.  So, find a song and contact me.  Give yourselves enough time; we WILL get you looking cool!

Wedding dance choreographed by Michael Stephens. Wedding dance choreographed by Michael Stephens.


Galas/Corporate Events
Ok, you’ve seen THAT couple – the couple that everyone watches because they look so smooth.  Oh, then there’s that OTHER couple – the couple that everyone is trying so hard NOT to watch; they look painful.  Oh, were you that couple the last time?  It’s your choice.  When you’re at that event, are you the couple that’s smooth?  Are you the couple that everyone is trying so hard to not watch?  Or, are you finding yourself trying to find other things to do?  Go for it; be the couple that everyone WANTS to watch.


Holidays are very much like Galas and Corporate Events.  The difference is that you’re usually surrounded my more friends at Holiday events – not that you don’t have friends at work, but… So in one case (Galas/Corporate Events) you’re looking suave (or NOT) in front of co-workers (and maybe a few friends).  During the Holidays, you’re looking suave in front of your many friends.  Notice that I only said “suave”.  I’m assuming that by now, you’ve made the choice to look cool.