Time To Dance - Houston Dance City WCS

Your Fun Meister: Michael Stephens

Why should you consider me?

Because I remember what it’s like to suffer from IWIHSDAEAHS (I bet you want to know what this means – you know you do). Because I remember what it’s like to learn the first, second, and third moves. AND oh the first move – AGAIN!!! Indeed, I will do my best to instruct you and my classes and to obey the dance law (be safe, have fun, and be cool); to help all y’all at all times… Crap, I think this is the Boy Scout Promise.

None the less, I have been dancing for over 20 years and teaching for over 15. But what about the important stuff: how are the classes? Fun; really, really fun. We have very friendly people in these classes. Whether you’re learning West Coast Swing, Country & Western, slow or dirty dancing, Jitterbug, Merengue, Salsa, Waltz, or Cha-cha, the classes are fun, fun, fun. Whether the classes are in Clear Lake or Houston, whether the classes are group lessons or private lessons, we make them fun. Like I said, we have great people in our classes. Oh, for those of you who don’t know what the terrible IWIHSDAEAHS is. Well, it’s for those of us that really didn’t get started learning dance until later. So, we also suffer from I Wish I Had Started Dancing As Early As Him/Her Syndrome.


At Any Rate,

I've been competing in dance for a while now, teaching dance for twice as long, & just plain ole dancing for even longer. That just splains my age. Well, it could be due to the numerous local, regional, & national awards that I’ve won – including best dance instructor at several events. NAH! That just explains my excellent choice in dance partners. Perhaps it’s because I’m offering two cars in every three-car garage…Wait, that’s when I run for king of the universe. In the mean time, I’ve won a couple of awards AND my web-mistress requires that I list them. So, click here or something to see a list of some of the dance awards.