Meet the Time To Dance Team

The Home Page says:  “Team – Behind the Scenes”.  Well, most of the time they are really not behind the scenes.  They are OUT there being a WONDERFUL team.  This is one of the few times I will actually use the term “I”.  “I” have a WONDERFUL team.  They keep me on the straight and narrow.  Every one of them not only provide me with business support, but they provide me with an enormous amount of emotional support.  I sometimes tease that they are always on my case to get “stuff” done.  Well, they are – in the most supportive way.  I am very grateful for each of them.

Michael Stephens

Michael Stephens

Dance Instructor


I asked the Webmaster if I could just put a picture of some figurehead in the place my picture.  After all, that’s what I am.  I do teach classes and privates.  I dance in events with partners and students.  Other than that, I wander aimlessly around at events and bars trying to figure out what’s next.  If it weren’t for the “team”, I’d probably be wandering around the last event.

But, I do have to admit that I do a very nice job of teaching classes and privates.  Don’t take my word for it – just ask any of my other personalities.  We all agree.  So, come on by, try us out, and stay for while.  You’ll be back.


Click here to see a list of Michael's dance awards.


Deann Tarpay

Deann Tarpey

Registration Lady


And "What Is Michael Charging For That Now" Person


I’m giving a hug; she’s setting out the registration forms. I’m setting up the music; she’s looking for the change. I’m answering a dance question; she’s telling people about the schedule.


If you have a question, ask her. She’ll get you the answer.





Chuck Anders

Chuck Anders



And "Let Me Show Another Cool Move" Person


Really AND I love it. Chuck will walk over and show me a new move he’s been working on. In fact, I steal them for my classes. It’s great; we start working a move and end up with a couple of ways to do the same move.


He’s a great asset to the instruction team.






Debbie Crabb

Debbie Crabb



And "Where is Michael Teaching Now So I Can Make Sure People Know " Person


Okay, so things are always changing. Debbie will make sure that we get all the information to everyone. She stays busy doing just that. Believe me. I always have to answer lots of questions.


Don’t be afraid to ask her what’s happening. Even in general, she usually knows.




Faith Stephens

Faith Stephens

Beautiful Daughter and Dancer Extraordinaire


And "How Do I Keep Dad Out of Even More Trouble" Person


Faith has been my daughter since well... she was born. In fact, I've her that long, too. She helps me out with follows and the occasional lead with many of my classes (especially Wednesdays) and workshops (except the dirty dancing ones. She doesn't know anything about dirty dancing; that's my story and I'm sticking to it).


Like all members of The Team, she has a wonderful smile, sense of humor, joy of the dance. So, ask her for a dance (no grabbing) and hang on.



Karen Leiker

Karen Leiker

Master’s Routine Partner and Juniors Coordinator


And "Hey I’ve Got a Good Idea – I’ll Get Started on It and Tell Michael Later" Person.


I’m not kidding either.  But she does it all right!  I absolutely love it.  She hasn’t had an idea that I haven’t liked.  She really doesn’t tell me later – most of the time.  She just knows me well enough that she knows I’d agree.  She does do much of my planning for me.

Oh, just in case you haven’t been paying attention.  We’ve been very successful in the Master’s tour – in the past and currently.  She’s great to dance with and we laugh a lot while we practice.

She works with me on so many new and old ideas including “The Masters Give Back to Juniors” committee.